UPC Park - Research and Innovation Park

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    Parc UPC - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTECH
  • Description

    "The UPC Park is an innovation facility with a high concentration of knowledge and technology, geared towards returning value to society for a better quality of life.
    The UPC offers facilities, technological infrastructures and added-value services to foster and take advantage of the synergies generated between research agents and companies, and to facilitate the success of their projects.

    Its objectives are:

    - To increase the wealth of its community, promoting a culture of innovation and competitiveness in companies and institutions that generate knowledge and are installed in the park or associated with it.
    - To promote and facilitate research.
    - To encourage the permeability of knowledge.
    - To facilitate contacts between companies and the university and disseminate the results of university research to society as a whole.
    - To help to create technologically innovative companies.
    Services of the UPC Park:

    Property and employment services:
    Office spaces, laboratories, workshops, co-working, Link Users, plots with building permits, agricultural land, Fab-Labs, basic services, ICT services, RACK sales, user membership.

    Business development and innovation services:
    Creation and support of companies, financing, protection of intellectual rights, commercial licensing, scientific and technical infrastructures and equipment, advice on projects, training in innovation, employment exchanges, dissemination of calls for grants and subsidies, networking sessions. Technological offer: http://www.upc.edu/patents/TO

    Support services:
    Meeting and function rooms, catering, university residences, sports facilities, UPC libraries.

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    María Eugenia Martín Hidalgo

    Address: Carrer Jordi Girona 31  Til·lers  1, 8034 Barcelona

    Telephone: 93 413 77 39


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