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    Fundació KimBCN
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    KIMbcn believes innovation is fundamental to survive in an increasingly competitive business environment. However, nowadays it is not just about innovating, but doing so with the company's internal and external input and taking advantage of each and every one of the parts of the process (management of intellectual property as well as the commercial asset, creation of spin-offs based on shared knowledge and technological skills, joint ventures to co-develop more ambitious initiatives, etc.).


    Training at Open Innovation: Learning the importance of taking into consideration every factor that surrounds innovation; the process of innovating is not a straight line, but needs to connect every opportunity that might crop up along the way.
    - Personalized training (strategic, management, execution, administration)
    - Customized Open Innovation strategy (road map of innovation)
    Open Innovation Diagnosis: Do you know how far your company or product can go? Do you have a full understanding of your market? Are there business opportunities for you out there? Can you improve? These are some of the questions that are inherent to innovation and demand rapid, but planned, responses.
    - Diagnosis of the company's capabilities.
    - Identification of business opportunities and multidisciplinary sessions to generate new ideas.
    - Technology transfer (landscape analysis and technology scouting).
    - Implementation of improvements.
    - Market intelligence (identification and study of market opportunities).
    Implementation of Open Innovation methodologies: Having a diagnosis and a plan of action serves for nothing if they are not implemented rapidly, in the right direction and taking advantage of the resources they uncover.
    - Commercialization of technology.
    - Technological collaborations and financing systems (partnership development).
    - Participation in international projects
    - Open-Market: a dedicated international channel for technology supply and demand

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    Lluc Díaz

    Address: Carrer Venezuela 103  1a planta, 8019 Barcelona

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