Tech Market Research

  • Resource type: Business advice
  • Organization
    La Salle TECHNOVA Barcelona
  • Description

    The Tech Market Research department of La Salle Technova Barcelona offers technology studies and market research to help with the strategic decision-making processes of technology-based companies.

    The services it provides include:

    - Market research: situation of the sector, volumes, saturation, entry barriers, identification of opportunities, trends, competitors.
    - Validation of the product or service. Focus groups (special meeting rooms)
    - Advice on the business model. Possible technological improvements.

    - Technology surveys: state-of-the-art, the status of patents, replacement technologies, etc.
    - Technological surveillance of a particular market

  • Contact


    Mariona Ferrer Alegre

    Address: Sant Joan de La Salle 42, 08022

    Telephone: 93 290 24 73

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