Subsidies for the book sector

  • Resource type: Funding
  • Organization
    Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals [ICEC]
  • Description

    The Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprises provides subsidies to support
    culture-related companies aimed at strengthening the industrial sector in Catalonia
    in this area:

    · Subsidies for the digitalization of editorial content; electronic publishing
    of books and audiobooks and their digital dissemination and commercialization.
    · Subsidies for publishing in Catalan and Occitan and the publication of scores by Catalan composers.
    · Subsidies for publishing in the Catalan or Occitan languages and the publication of
    scores by Catalan composers of special cultural interest.
    · Subsidies for activities aimed at the general public or the media
    to promote individual book titles or book collections
    in Catalan or Occitan.

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    Laura Rafegas Rosell

    Address: Rambla Santa Mònica 8, 08002 Barcelona

    Telephone: 93 556 51 90

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