Executive training programme: 'What entrepreneurs need to know'

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    Barcelona Activa
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    An executive training programme in the form of two-hour modules given on weekday mornings and afternoons at the Glòries Centre for
    Entrepreneurial Initiative and the Sant Agustí Convent.

    The modules have been designed to provide participants with the basic training
    needed to become an entrepreneur. Budding entrepreneurs can also learn some very useful information, including: 'From idea to business plan'; 'Marketing for start-ups'; 'Do you want to create a services company?'; 'Where to get financing'; 'How to draft a financial plan'; 'Legal forms of enterprise'; 'Taxation'; 'How to sell'; 'How to deal with clients'; 'Applying creativity to your business idea', etc.

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    Barcelona Activa | Empresa

    09.30, 12.00, 15.30 and 18.00

    Address: Carrer Llacuna 162, 8018 Barcelona

    Telephone: 901 551 155


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