Entrepreneurship Programme for Scientists and Social Scientists

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    Parc de recerca UAB
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    The aim of the programme is to provide support for formalizing the business idea and setting up a company, putting entrepreneurs in contact with the different programmes and initiatives available in this area.

    Activities included in the programme:

    1. Awareness-raising seminar to promote new business projects. The format and duration of the seminar will depend on the interests of the institution/research centre that has made the request.

    2. Formulation of the business idea. With the support of PRUAB personnel, the research staff are asked to define their idea in terms of business opportunities.

    3. Drawing up a business plan. Definition of the business model and the company's viability in terms of opportunity, market and the necessary financing. At this stage we benefit from the collaboration of various external agents and other initiatives promoted by the PRUAB.
    · Expert advice
    · HR support for drawing up the business plan
    · Entrepreneur support programme

    4. Review of the business plan With the support of PRUAB personnel, and leading on from the previous stage, a formal review of the business plan is conducted.

    5. Legal advice for incorporating the company: Clarification of any legal or administrative queries on the incorporation of the company.

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    Ona Tribó Miró

    Address: Campus de la UAB   Eureka, 8193 Bellaterra - Cerdanyola del Vallès

    Telephone: 93 586 88 11


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