Master of Science in International Business

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    Barcelona School of Management - Universitat Pompeu Fabra
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    The Msc in International Business is offered jointly by Barcelona School of Management and Escola Superior de Comerç Internacional, the objective of the programme is to provide executive training on international managerial capabilities, whilst fostering the ability to coordinate teams with different cultural backgrounds, communication and international negotiation skills.

    This programme is aimed at university graduates of diverse backgrounds, who wish to acquire a realistic, practical and professional perspective of international business.
    The syllabus is organised so that the students learn about the processes developed by the different functions of a company (analytical, strategic, commercial, financial, operations and organisational) in the 3 phases of the internationalisation process.

    In the last term the students participate in the international business mission which enables them to carry out a series of activities, over a one-week trip, to experience the implementation of an international business plan in a foreign country.

    On completing the academic year, the students carry out an internship during which they acquire work experience in the field of international business.

    Calendari: September 12 - June 13

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    Belén Hernández Surós

    Address: Carrer Balmes 132-134, 8008 Barcelona

    Telephone: 93 542 18 81 / 93 547 81 82

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