MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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    Barcelona School of Management - Universitat Pompeu Fabra
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    In this Master of Science, students learn how to identify innovation within or outside existing companies, which may provide opportunities for successful new business development. They will learn how to define a strategic plan based on a sustainable business model. Students learn how to execute a business plan either as a new company (as pure entrepreneurs) or inside a company (as business development directors). They have the chance to interact with successful entrepreneurs in a grassroots way (mentors) as well as through workshops that highlight best business practices. Students will have the possibility of participating in an internship with an already established start-up as well as several business plan competitions, which could provide the seed money to start their own company. Barcelona School of Management will implement an environment in which engineers, scientists, designers and business students interact so as to lay the foundations for this to happen.

    Calendar: September 2012 -June 2013

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    Belén Hernández Surós

    Address: Carrer Balmes 132-134, 8008 Barcelona

    Telephone: 93 542 18 81 / 93 547 81 82

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