Design Ideas Market [MID]

  • Organization
    Barcelona Centre de Disseny [BCD]
  • Description

    The MID, the Market of Ideas, is an initiative of the BCD (Barcelona Design Centre), whose aim is to put creators/entrepreneurs in contact with companies and investors. The MID helps to source financing for all creators who have an innovative project with a strong design component so they can transform it into a marketable product or service, whether via a company who buys it directly, or through an investor who adopts an entrepreneurial project to create a new company.

    The programme is rounded off with networking activities, an exchange of entrepreneurial talent, a training programme geared towards obtaining the necessary knowledge in entrepreneurship, and a platform for exhibiting projects.

  • Contact


    Maria Baxauli

    Address: Avinguda Diagonal 452  5a planta, 8006 Barcelona

    Telephone: 93 218 28 22

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