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    Foment de les Arts i del Disseny [FAD]
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    The FAD is a private, independent and non-profit association which promotes design and architecture from a cultural, economic and social perspective. It is made up of five associations which represent the different design disciplines: ADI-FAD - industrial design; ADG-FAD - graphic design and visual communications: ARQUIN-FAD - architecture and interior design; A-FAD - arts and crafts; and MODA-FAD - image and fashion.
    FAD services:

    Support for innovation and competitiveness in companies: through its Mater programme, the FAD Materials Centre, and through the FAD certificate for design quality in the field of tourism.
    Advice: new materials, industrial and intellectual property rights, professional profiles, design strategies
    Networking: contact details of 1,300 members, free or preferential access to more than 80 annual events (exhibitions, conferences, round tables, etc.), inclusion in the directory of members which can be consulted on the internet, and the FAD Activity Report.
    Information: daily clippings (news on the design and architecture sectors in the written media, sent daily by email), FADNEWS (a weekly agenda of events related to design and architecture), free publications (FAD Activity Report, catalogue of awards and monographs from different sectors), and specific information on each association.
    Discounts: in more than 50 stores, services and institutions in the sector, on enrolment for the FAD architecture awards, the Delta industrial design awards, and the Laus graphic design and visual communications awards.

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    Cristina Gosalvez

    Address: Plaça dels Àngels 5, 8001

    Telephone: 93 443 75 20

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