Sales and Marketing Training

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  • Organization
    Escola Superior de Vendes [ESVEN]
  • Description

    The Higher School of Sales (ESVEN) is a centre that specializes in teaching sales and marketing. As the training centre of the Barcelona Association of Commercial Agents, ESVEN has represented a turning point in the field of commerce.

    ESVEN offers a direct, useful and practical alternative for a collective that needs high-quality, specialized training that adapts to the needs of its students.

    The main training areas are:
    · Degree in Sales and Marketing Management
    · Official qualification as a Commercial Agent (with university accreditation from the UOC)
    · Professional retraining courses
    · In-company training
    · Training for self-employed professionals
    · Training for the unemployed
    · Training for entrepreneurs

    Centre approved by the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Ministry of Trade.

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    Noemí Ríos

    Address: Carrer Casp 130, 8013 Barcelona

    Telephone: 93 231 94 12

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