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    Barcelona Activa
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    · The advisory service of the Glòries Centre for Entrepreneurial Initiative, equipped with
    computer equipment, is aimed at people interested in working on a business idea
    without having to make an appointment in advance. Budding entrepreneurs have the following resources at their disposal:
    · Multimedia applications
    · Publications
    · Self-use space with wireless internet access for creating the Online Business Plan
    · A team of advisors on hand to answer any queries about the process
    of creating a company and to analyse the viability of the project (business plan),
    and to assist in searching for financing for the project with
    the support of the www.bcn.cat/empresa portal
    · At www.bcn.cat/empresa you can find all the information you need to create
    a company: legal forms, procedures, grants and subsidies, financial
    instruments, in-depth reports, basic information, the online business plan,
    the test-idea and the Key Skills for Entrepreneurs application, amongst others.

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    Barcelona Activa | Empresa

    09.00 - 18.00 (Friday until 14.00)

    Address: Carrer Llacuna 162, 8018 Barcelona

    Telephone: 901 551 155


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