Advice for entrepreneurs with any form of disability

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    Services for entrepreneurs:

    · Seminars on becoming self-employed (4 or 8 hours)
    - Information on and motivation towards self-employment.
    - Analysis of entrepreneurial potential.
    · On-site and online training workshops for potential entrepreneurs (15, 25 and 40 hours)
    - Generating and analysing business ideas.
    - Defining projects.
    - Developing a draft business plan.
    - Estimating and diagnosing the viability of the business plan.

    Consultancy services
    · Technical support for self-employment (individual tutorials)
    - Drawing up a business plan.
    - Analysing the project's viability.
    - Facilitating the recruitment of people with disabilities.
    · Support and advice for setting up/consolidating the company
    - Setting up and consolidating the business.
    - How to ensure a long-lasting business.
    - Facilitating the recruitment of people with disabilities.
    · Advice on enlarging, re-floating and/or changing the business.
    · Advice on subsidies from the ONCE Foundation for projects involving the
    self-employment of people with disabilities.
    All these services are subsidised by the ONCE Foundations' Operating Programme to Fight Discrimination and co-financed by the European Social Fund.

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    Núria Sanz Ruiz

    Address: Carrer Enric Granados 86-88  5a planta, Barcelona

    Telephone: 93 238 49 49

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