Grants for Business Strategy and Management

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    360º Competitiveness
    Grants for defining and rolling out business strategies or implementing operational improvements in different departments.
    Increase competitiveness, productivity and growth by means of a process of reflecting on your business model and developing one of the following project types:
    Type 1: Define and roll out the company strategy. Strengthen or transform the business model.
    Type 2: Implement operational improvements in the different departments of the company: Sales and Marketing, Operations, Organization and Management.
    Specific objectives
    To professionalize the company and prepare it to stand apart from its competitors, increase turnover and generate new jobs.
    To implement operational improvements that will allow the company to increase its productivity and efficiency.
    To facilitate strategic reflexion and lay the foundations for strengthening or transforming the company's business model.
    To generate synergies and the exchange of experiences between companies through a process of collective deliberation.
    To prepare the company to tackle new innovation and internationalization challenges.

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    Sílvia Brugués Vilella

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