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Summary of the report

¿Crowdsourcing¿ means when a company outsources a task to an unlimited group of people. The meeting point for crowdsourcing is web platforms that bring together companies looking to outsource internal tasks or projects and freelancers seeking assignments and projects. These platforms use ¿reverse auctions¿. The company enters a description of the project it wants to outsource and freelancers who are registered on the site and interested in it can submit their bid to the company including price per hour, previous jobs they have done and proposals for the project.

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Unemployment's subsidy for new businesses

Unemployment's subsidy can be used for investments needed to start a new business. Depending on the legal entity we have chosen, part of the overall amount of the subsidy remaining can be raised for funding a new business.

> Guide to raise funds

What is ethical finance?

Ethical finance includes different initiatives from ethical banks to ethical investing funds or non-profit foundations giving microcredits to needed entrepreneurs. This report aims to give a general point of view of the ethical finance in Spain.

El préstec participatiu i el compte en participació

El préstec participatiu és una autèntica operació de préstec, negociada entre dues parts i instrumentada en la seva pòlissa o escriptura corresponents. Les característiques legals d'aquesta figura li confereixen una naturalesa pròpia, difuminada entre els recursos propis i els recursos aliens que el converteixen en un instrument de finançament substancialment diferent dels préstecs tradicionals. Aquest tipus de préstec es caracteritza per preveure una retribució o interès variable en funció de l'evolució de l'empresa.

Business Angels

Raising funds to start a new business is a key factor for any business project. Through this report, you will get to know all the possibilities you have to attract private investors aka business angels to your business.

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