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Business Incubator

Incubators are innovative environments , infrastructures and advanced services with the aim of supporting business projects in their processes of creation and growth.

To achieve this , available to users of logistics services , administrative and added value , facilitating access to finance and the internationalization and promote networking and synergies with companies lodged

Business Incubator Barcelona Activa

The City Council , through Barcelona Activa, facilitates the installation of new companies in the city of Barcelona with several specific proposals and intended respectively to innovative start- creation and innovation and their organizations bring together spin -off

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Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces , as opposed to private gods modules are open spaces whose use also to leverage the full range of services offered by Barcelona Activa

These spaces are equipped with the necessary furniture for the self-employed and micro-enterprises to develop their business and interact with other companies and / or professionals

Know Coworking spaces

The City Council , through Barcelona Activa, offers coworking spaces for SME and professionals. If you are looking for an innovative space to lunch your project, we can provide you with this space.

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