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Convocatōria Oberta

The Call for the selection of business projects that will be incubated in this incubator is already open.

We recommend entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who wish to submit to this call that they come in contact with us to accompany them in the candidacy process and resolve their doubts.Next the necessary documents:

Permanent Open Call for Proposal for the ESA BIC

Permanent Open Call for Proposal for the ESA BIC Barcelona

ESA BIC Barcelona Open Call Template 2017

Més informaciķ

For more information and inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us:

Jorge Fuentes
Gerent ESA BIC Barcelona
Barcelona Activa - Emprenedoria
Esteve Terrades, 1
08860 - Castelldefels (Barcelona)

Més informaciķ i solˇlicitud

Carrer dels Almogāvers, 165
08018 Barcelona | 934 01 98 55 | Obté indicacions