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Business advice

Each company has installed a technician / reference to their business serves top-level consultations and monitors day-to- day business assigned to it. Who is timely and personalized offers specialized areas of business interest , timely advice in different areas of management companies require information and processes information announcements, contests , etc. , that may be of interest to the company

Expert Advice

Advisory service on issues related to business strategy , marketing and communications , finance, legal aspects and internationalization, by a / expert / a previously selected / A to be part of a bag of experts in different subjects . Prior referral service technician always reference the company will be provided

Business stress test

Interview with an expert in business strategy , in order to diagnose the starting of the new company , to detect in early stages weaknesses and / or areas for improvement , if necessary , so that the entrepreneur / a you can take the necessary corrective measures and adapt its business strategy

Startup Sales

Sales increase program about marketing strategy workshops and sales techniques and personalized tutoring. The program is structured in 6 general workshops (competition analysis, strategic marketing, web analytics, inbound and outgound marketing and offline business strategy), 3 specific workshops in which participants are divided into 3 groups according to their business model and income (B2C Group-Subscription and e-commerce, SaaS Group. B2b Companies and Enterprise Group-B2B Companies) and, finally, in 5 hours of expert advice from people in the sector.

Mentoring Program

individual meetings that allow companies to provide specific knowledge of your industry and market as well as access to the experience that mentors / as have acquired over the years. Ls sessions are performed by people who have been directors / general or functional as, entrepreneurs / as or Business Angels . Access to this service is provided at the end of the startup + program , all participating companies in the same , as well as companies incubated in which the need for service is detected.

Netwroking actions and relationship

To promote synergies and joint projects . Notable in this area the realization of Coffee2Coffee , monthly activity , which is to bring together people who promote firms in the incubator and , around a coffee, disclosed the new companies that have been installed recently appealed news and new projects hosted companies as well as possible bargains and external entities


Very short format, with the aim of providing basic knowledge on a particular subject, either through the theory either from the experience of another entrepreneur . Some of the most common formats are: -┐Breakfast With ... : regularly invited to some / a entrepreneur / a series , former company incubated or mentor / a , so that with a relaxed format, share your experiences with the / attendees , the time they can ask questions - Training workshops : training capsules , for a maximum of one hour, in which a / expert / a addresses a specific business issue , which is of interest of the incubated companies . -Workshops Solutions : companies specializing in a particular business issue today , share with the / attendees their knowledge in this area, in which they are experts , through the presentation of their solutions

Amazon Web Services Program

Amazon offers businesses installed , $ 5,000 in cloud computing services nonrefundable , to be used over two years. This service allows companies to scale infrastructure and easily expand the size of their business. To activate the promotion it is necessary to contact the / technical / to Barcelona Activa reference to l┐empresa indicating the step

UXLab, User Experience Laboratory

UXLab is a personalised service that supports companies in the conceptualisation and improvement of the usability, user experience and accessibility of their product/service, whether physical or digital.

Through qualified technical staff, advanced technology and a People-Centred Design methodology, UXLab provides support in the different phases of creating a product/service, from research with users to implementation.

The aim of this initiative, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union, is to promote the creation of products and services better adapted to the real needs of users, thus increasing the chances of success of their start-ups.

In order to access it, companies must have an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), be registered in Barcelona and have less than 5 years of life.

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