Guide to raise funds


Guide to raise funds


  • Circulating assets: Company's assets that turn into cash or enter the production process in a period of time shorter than one year.
  • Fixed assets: Company's assets that enter the production process in a period of time longer than one year.
  • Interest rates: The price a borrower pays for the use of money they do not own.

Guide to raise funds

Have a good idea, being able to turn it into a viable company, and manage it, is fundamental to achieve business success. But, this is not enough: we also need to get money to meet the initial investment, in expenditure generated by our business, and for the investment to start new projects and innovative initiatives that help to consolidate it .

This guide is divided into three blocks

a) Grants and subsidies: Contains the main grants and subsidies to supplement the funding necessary to develop both business and make it grow.

b) Financing: This blog lists all the existing mechanisms (loans, credits, ...) that are most advantageous conditions to the entrepreneurs. These conditions include: an interest rate lower than the market, lack of a better term, less commissions, the option of getting a loan without guarantees or warranties, ...

c) Private Investment: The third section presents the agents of the private sector to provide resources to businesses with growth plans that fall within its investment criteria.

To find information on funding, we recommend to visit the following applications:

FINEMPRESA (Generalitat de Catalunya's website with information about public grants for new businesses)

FISUB (ACC1's database with plenty of public grants and subsidies for businesses)

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