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Your business financial plan and funding sources

Business creation activities

Presentation of the business plan, the main chapters of its structure and the financial plan as an essential part of it. Introduction to Barcelonactiva¿s business plan and the financial plan that it contains. Presentation of the excel of Barcelonactiva¿s Business Plan ..

Monosession: 1 session of 3 hours

Free of charge activity


The Financial Plan is an essential part of the Business Plan. It's important to learn how to draft it and how to check it.

The understandings of this working tool will provide us information enough to see at any moment where we are and where we can go, valorous information for the design for our business strategies.

Financial analysis of any business project is essential to evaluate the viability of the business idea. This lesson aims to support entrepreneurs to fill our Excel worksheet included in our Online Business Plan.

General objectives:
- Develop the economic part of the Business Plan.
- Learn to use the Excel file containing the financial plan.

Specific objectives:
- Know the main economic concepts needed for the analysis of the financial plan.
- Develop a series of budgets that reflect the economic survey we expect of our economic activity for the next three years.

1. Introduction of Barcelonactiva¿s Business Plan.
2. Completing the Excel Financial Plan.
3. Financial Statements.
4. A little analysis. Equilibrium points, investment and sensitivity analysis.

More information

If you are not member of the Netactiva community, you must register by calling 901 551 155 and request date and time for a briefing.

It is essential to bring your DNI or NIE (or, alternatively, the receipt of renewal). If you keep a paper NIE, will need also attach a passport or identification of the country of origin.

To ensure the rigor and quality of training, the entry will not be allowed in the classroom 15 minutes after the start of the activity.

If you can not attend the activity, it is necessary that you unenroll 2 working days in advance via so that another user can take advantage of your place.

This activity is taught in English.


During the session we will work with The Online Business Plan. This is the online application that will guide you in the preparation and building of your business plan. In order to access on The Online Business Plan you must supply an access code.
Please, get at hand this information in order to be able to entry it in the training day.

If you don't have the access code, you must assist to one of this informative session in Barcelona Activa where we will provide your access code and you will be noticed about all the products and services we are offering in order to help you to push your business project.

To access your business plan access the ONLINE Business Plan here
If you have forgotten you password, or if you want to change it, click here

To attend this activity, it is recommended to bring the following document: business_financial_plan.pdf Hours

Aimed at foreign entrepreneurs who want to develop their business idea and want to quantify their idea to look for investment. No need previous financial knowledge.

If there are no sessions published on this site is due to all the offered places have been booked by other entrepreneurs. Sessions will automatically be republished when an entrepreneur gave up to attend to the seminar or new sessions are scheduled.