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Business management

In order to make decisions about the most suitable strategy to enter the market, we can use diverse tools such as SWOT analysis, Porter┐s five forces or the chain of value. This way you will find the key factors of starting-up successfully.


Come to the Gl˛ries Entrepreneurship Center, where you will find specific information on business management, and in addition to that you will be able to access to our online applications that will help you to define and improve your idea.

The counsellors of Barcelona Activa are available for any doubt, request or question associated to your business idea. The counsellors will help you out and give you some advice on the steps you must follow to work on your idea, evaluate the viability of your business project.


Online applications and guides

Get to know the necessary procedures and steps for the setting up and start up your company.
Online application that allows you to build a business plan.

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