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What is Social Entrepreneurship programme?

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Awards & Registration

€ 10,000 award to the greatest entrepreneurial initiative

If the you want to be part of the programme editions or vols rebre more information about the program, do not hesitate to contact us. The programme will be held in Catalan or Spanish.


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Programme Description

1. Training sessions: to provide the necessary entrepreneurial skills and abilities to consolidate the economic and technical conditions of the projects and to maximize the positive social impact.

2. Personalized interviews and follow-up: individual sessions with each project to review it, solve the doubts of the promoting team and provide improvements related to the subject matter taught at each stage of the process and group sessions with all the projects to generate synergies and collectively improve the emotional management of the entrepreneurial process.

3. Relational sessions: knowledge of successful entrepreneurial experiences and visits to social enterprises in the territory.

4. Networking lunches with reference people.

5. Access to funding.

6. Support to the diffusion and visibility of the entrepreneurial project.

Prize for the best entrepreneurial initiative 10,000€ winning project.


The program is not active.


Program documentation

No documents.

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