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Program Description

1- Business Plan: This module allows you to develop a business plan tailored to your project and gives you the necessary management tools in all areas: organization, marketing, human resources, accounting, finance, taxation, etc.

2- Entrepreneurial skills: Train yourself in business skills for successful entrepreneurship.

3- Funding sources: Discover the different options of funding.

4- Business experiences: Benefit from the knowledge of other entrepreneurs through case studies.

5- Personalized advise: With a tailor-made follow-up, each entrepreneur will be able to solve any query about their project.


Donar, a les persones que vulguin posar en marxa un projecte d'empresa a partir dels 40 anys, les eines necessàries per desenvolupar el pla d'empresa a través de la formació en àrees com màrqueting, aspectes legals, previsions econòmiques i altres relacionades; participant alhora en tutories personalitzades.


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