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In the framework of Futurisme, Barcelona Activa - Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Provincial Council, the Corporate Association of Specialized Travel Agencies (ACAVe) and the Barcelona Hotel Guild are launching a new mentoring program for innovative companies of recent creation (between 1 and 3 years) of responsible tourism that generate a positive impact on the Barcelona destination (city and province).

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The program is scheduled to start in October. Places are limited. For further information, please contact with futurisme@barcelonactiva.cat

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A qui es dirigeix aquest programa?

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Mentoring Futurisme

Program description

The objective of Futurism Mentoring is to help growing and consolidate responsible and sustainable tourism business with a positive impact on the Barcelona destination.

Program structure
• Mentoring sessions: 1 meeting per month of 60 minutes for 6 months.
• Hybrid model: it will be possible to combine face-to-face and virtual mentoring sessions depending on the availability of the companies and participating mentors.
• Methodology: training, resources and documentation will be provided to guarantee the success of the mentorship.

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Ask for a interview

Are you a tourism business and want to be mentored?

• Established and active responsible tourism company (between 1 and 3 years) in the city or province of Barcelona.
•Must have product on the market with a positive impact. 
• Be available to carry out a mentoring session of 1 hour per month for 6 months
• Motivation to learn and contribute knowledge.

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Ask for interview

Are you an expert an expert in tourism and want to be a mentor?

• A minimum of 5 years of professional experience in the tourism sector
• Have experience as an entrepreneur and/or in business management
• No prior mentoring experience is required
• Be available to carry out a mentoring session of 1 hour per month for 6 months
• Motivation to inspire and help entrepreneurial people