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PD3- Fes el Canvi

Programme that accompanies professional women in the development of individual and leadership skills so that they can opt to managerial positions or greater responsibilities in organizations.

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More about 'Fes el canvi'

'Fes el canvi' favors the conditions that allow them to break the "glass ceiling" and thus be able to move from managing to leading organizations. The program seeks a leadership model based on values, committed to making business results compatible with social and environmental sustainability, and with the capacity to transform organizations and prepare them for new global challenges.
It is organized once a year.

The profile of the participants is women:

  • With university studies
  • Working as an employee for a company of at least 5 people.
  • Holds a pre-managerial or middle management position, with a minimum experience of 1 year.
  • Currently managing a team of people.
  • Aspiring to develop a professional career towards managerial positions or positions of greater responsibility in the short or medium term, either in thieir current organisation or in another one. 


The program is not active.

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Do you want to be a mentor pre-managerial women?

In order to participate in this programme and become part of the community of women mentors, it is necessary to fill out a registration form (including CV), which you will find by clicking here. All this documentation should be sent to the email: lidera@barcelonactiva.cat.

Please note:

  • The PD3 program includes mentoring support for 6 months. Approximate start date: April.
  • There will be one one-hour session per month. Mentoring will not take place during the month of August if the parties involved consider it appropriate.
  • The role of the mentor is unpaid.
  • The women mentors have extensive managerial experience and put it at the service of other pre-managerial women or women in middle management positions, who are in the process of transitioning to managerial positions or positions of greater responsibility than those they currently occupy.

Preparatory sessions will be organized with all mentors to better understand their motivations and assess the fit they may have with the pre-management participants.


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