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B-Blue Barcelona Activa

It is a support programme for innovative start-ups in the framework of the blue economy, the sustainable maritime economy. The programme aims to help start-ups validate their business model and provide the necessary resources through training, networking, tutorials, tailor-made mentoring and all the services of Barcelona Activa (funding search, talent acquisition, etc.).


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Blue Economy

in figures (2022)

players in the city
€ 3,938 M
in turnover

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The programme

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Programme description

1. Bootcamp: an intensive training week and pitch in front of a committee of experts. This Bootcamp will be led by the AticcoLab and Barcelona Activa teams.

2. 14 days of 5-hour training. These sessions will be on site and via streaming and will be led by the AticcoLab teams.

3. Individual tutorials for each project.

4. Networking actions, such as meals with relevant actors from the ecosystem, investors, visits to companies and some other surprises.

5. Demo day in front of relevant personalities from the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the blue economy of our city and awards ceremony.

6. In this edition we will offer:

10,000 euros to the most sustainable company, sponsored by Costa Cruceros.
10,000 euros to the most innovative company, sponsored by Port of Barcelona.


The program is not active.

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