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Come and live an immersive audiovisual experience of the city 


Barcelona City Council and the Catalan Audiovisual Cluster are present at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) to support the audiovisual ecosystem of Barcelona and Catalonia. Find out about the services, resources and programmes we offer to local and international companies and professionals in the audiovisual sector, and take part in activities to present the latest news or discuss various topics of interest.

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From 10th to 13th May 2022

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Visita el nostre espai

We are located in the corridor between pavilions 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the Fira Gran Via!

On stand 4A350 you will find:

  • Immersive tunnel: an immersive audiovisual installation of 50m2 that will connect you with the most relevant professionals in the audiovisual ecosystem of Barcelona, introduce you to the business fabric and the novelties of the sector and take you to the most cinematic corners of the city.
  • Spaces for companies: 10 leading companies in the sector advised by Barcelona Activa that will present their solutions on music technology, 3D visualisation, technological innovation, integrated systems, R&D, etc.
  • Attention to the visitor: The services, resources and programmes we offer to local and international companies and professionals in the audiovisual sector.

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Companies attending

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Programme of activities

4YFN | B+M Events


Inauguration of the Barcelona stand

We’ll be inaugurating the city's stand led by Barcelona City Council and the Audiovisual Cluster of Catalonia with the aim of supporting the audiovisual ecosystem of Barcelona and Catalonia. We will count on the presence of institutional representatives.


CREAMEDIA: How do I price my product/service? 

Meeting between the companies of the Creamedia programme with the aim of sharing various tips on pricing a product or service in the creative industries sector. 


Discover the most promising AV companies in Barcelona

Presentation of the 10 co-exhibiting companies advised by Barcelona Activa. Presentation of their solutions and services for the sector.


Barcelona: international capital of the MICE sector 

Audiovisual provides the best tool for attracting business tourism. Get to know this sector in depth, of which Barcelona is the world capital, discovering some of the most impactful technological solutions and use cases.


Guided tour for the international expat community 

Guided tour for the business and professional community of the Netherlands.


Tour of industrial companies from the IoT trade fair 

Visit of the industrial companies from the IoT trade fair to the Agora space of the ISE. Greeting, presentation, tour and explanation of the stand to the industrial businesses participating in this congress.


How to surprise your client with the ADN agency

Presentation of the advertising agency 'ADN Studio' where the services and programmes of Barcelona Activa, in which the company has participated, will be exhibited. You will be able to get to know the agency and the resources we put at your disposal through a real success story. 


Guided tour for the international expat community

Barcelona City Council invites you to find out more about this meeting of the AV technology sector through a guided tour in English, which offers you the opportunity to enjoy immersive experiences, discover some of the main innovations of the world and participate in demonstration and exhibition halls.


Leds Display for Events: Manufacturing, Sustainabilty & Aplications

Meeting with providers of audiovisual technology that present their innovative applications in the field of the production of events.


International AV Clusters Forum: good practices

This session aims to be a first step in creating an international network of audiovisual clusters, agents and entities working to turn the audiovisual into an engine of innovation worldwide. 


Performing Arts & Technology 

An analysis of how technology has shaped a new paradigm of artistic thinking that is included, among other things, in technology-based stage devices, platforms for the visibility of creative work, and projects that seek to spread art beyond the face-to-face.


Innovation and audiovisual technology: success stories

Presentation of three success stories in which audiovisual technology has been an innovative and transformative element of traditional business models driven by companies.

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Barcelona BEAT

And between the 10th and the 12th of May, we’ll be waiting for you on the BARCELONA stand at the IoT World Congress

Come and get to know the most innovative IoT solutions from 20 companies in the city. We look forward to seeing you!