Management and exploitation of intangible assets

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    Fundació KimBCN
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    The success or failure of a business depends very much on your management know-how: it is no longer enough to simply protect your intellectual property (IP); the current situation obliges you to exploit it in order to maintain a global competitive capacity, using it to its maximum potential and also viewing it as potential income on your profit and loss account.

    KIMbcn offers an integral course on managing this hugely important asset, adapted to the different types of sectors that companies operate in. A multidisciplinary team of professionals is responsible for evaluating the company's assets, whether tangible or intangible, to process this information and generate a protection and exploitation strategy that will allow you to control the knowledge generated in order to compete globally with complete peace of mind, as well as profiting from its potential economic performance.


    - Study of the portfolio of patents/projects and an optimization analysis.
    - Advice on business exploitation through licences or transfers.
    - Administration of grants for financing the protection of the IP.
    - Roadmap for the economic exploitation of the knowledge.
    - Ideal exploitation strategy: Exploitation of the tangible product or the IP that protects it
    - Search for funding to make the whole process viable

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